Jun 16, 2019 • 13M

Ep 07 - On a Call With Christina Dunbar

Lee Schneider
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500 Words is a podcast about living a creative life. Short-form interviews with creative people from film, music, design, multi-media and more. Conducted by Lee Schneider.

This week’s interview is with Christina Dunbar, who has said, “Our culture is starving for story, for vulnerability, for truth telling, for personal story. Story creates meaning and we have a lack of meaning right now in the world.”

Christina Dunbar is a storyteller, director, and producer of women’s stories for stage and film. She is star of the one-woman show, Dirty Me Divine. Christina is the founder of RED, a circle for performing artists, and creator of She Takes The Stage, a one-of-a- kind program that guides women to hone their message through their personal story and share it at a live theater show. Christina has taken artists, authors, lawyers, and coaches through her story workshops, public speaking trainings, and creative retreats, and is passionate about supporting women with a message to take the stage.

When you share your story you begin to own the story, it doesn't own you.

-- Christina Dunbar

Her one-person show has eleven characters in it, so of course we talk about her creative process, the work-outside-the-work that an artist has to do, like being in nature, doing yoga, recharging, and what sort of magic happens when she makes a safe space for women in her workshops.

If I come off that stage and I've been sweating, I've been crying, I've been laughing, I've been feeling, and I just really feel used up by life in that performance, that to me is very, very satisfying.

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One more thing.

The Haven Chronicles is an amazing science fiction podcast that has hooked me. The writer-producer-director joined my podcast network FutureX. I wanted to know about his creative process, so I interviewed him for Cult/Tech on Medium. Give it a read.