Jul 14, 2019 • 13M

Ep 09 - On a Call With Adrian Fisher

Lee Schneider
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500 Words is a podcast about living a creative life. Short-form interviews with creative people from film, music, design, multi-media and more. Conducted by Lee Schneider.

This week's' conversation is with Adrian Fisher. 

This is a man who believes in the power of the rough pencil sketch. He believes in having control, but not. 

My art form is parallel rows of things. -- Adrian Fisher

He is a maze designer. I can't seem to get enough of interviews with people who design and construct mazes, so you'll indulge me? Thanks. I think there is a parallel between creating mazes and writing stories and almost got Adrian to go along with the idea, but not quite. He was helpful, though, when I told him about the time I had an anxiety attack while in a corn maze, offering the wise explanation that I am a modern person who expects everything to work like a computer. This is true. 

It's like playing chess with me except that I have to play all my moves in advance as the chess player, as the designer, and then I must lose. I must lose just before you've had enough. Because I'm here to entertain you. 

One thing to remember as you listen: This is a Skype, not a phone call. So it has the usual Skype blips and dropouts, which is why I don’t usually use Skype for podcasts. Adrian joined me on the call from his studio in Dorset, England, so Skype was the best way to go.

Since 1979, Adrian and his company have designed and created more than 700 full-size mazes in the grounds of palaces, castles, stately homes, zoos, wildlife parks, amusement parks, children’s museums, science centers, malls, universities, schools, city centers, and farms. He has written six books about mazes.

The Queen visited a maze he made to commemorate the Beatles.

Adrian has also created rides and puzzles for iconic visitor attractions across the globe including Legoland, Tussauds and the London Dungeon. He has made the tallest maze in the world, up the side of a building, and some of the largest corn mazes.

I want to make you the hero of your own story.

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