Jul 31, 2020 • 1M

How the Climate Crisis Affects the Food Chain

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Editor’s note: This is a guest podcast by Bodhi Schneider. He is eight. He’s also my son. He wrote the script and composed the music.

How the climate crisis affects the food chain

Hello, I am Bodhi Schneider and I’m gonna teach you how the climate crisis affects the food chain.

First, do you know what climate change is? If you don’t hear is what it is: climate change can do a lot of damage. it is caused by greenhouse gases which include carbon dioxide and methane. These gases trap heat inside of the air and causes earth to warm up. Now, since carbon dioxide and methane trap heat inside of the earth it can melt ice caps …

-cracking noise

… and warm weather patterns permanently. That’s what climate change is.

And how that affects the food chain? Well, imagine three fish. fish1 fish2 and fish3. If fish1 dies out because of the hot weather.

-blazing sun noise

fish2 has nothing to eat therefore fish2 starves to death. And since fish3 can’t eat fish2 Fish3 also starves to death. That’s how the climate change crisis affects the food chain.