Jun 2, 2019 • 13M

Ep 06 - On a Call with Jeremy J. Lee

Lee Schneider
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500 Words is a podcast about living a creative life. Short-form interviews with creative people from film, music, design, multi-media and more. Conducted by Lee Schneider.

Sound Designer Jeremy J. Lee

This week's call is with Jeremy J. Lee, a sound designer. He's worked in theater productions and we talk about his adventures in podcasting. He's really proud of the sound design work he did for a podcast called Video Palace that was written and produced by the folks behind Blair Witch Project. Like that movie, Video Palace uses the concept of "found footage," media materials that seem like they were discovered out in the world, but were actually created in a studio.  

Jeremy did the sound mix and additional sound design for an animated short called Z- Rider which will be out soon.  

I worked with him on my podcast Privacy Pod. While I recorded all the actors in a studio, Jeremy created the audio world, making studio recordings of actors sound like they delivered their lines in a parking structure, layering in subtle touches like the squeak of a chair against the floor or the clatter of an audio cassette box. Things that never happened in the studio are part of your listening experience now, thanks to sound design.

In the call, Jeremy and I talk about how he creates worlds in audio. 

There's a lot of sort of back of the brain thought that happens with these projects. You read the script and you take your notes and while you're sleeping the back of your brain is thinking about stuff. - Jeremy J. Lee

Jeremy talks about how daydreaming is a huge part of designing something, the results of his hearing test with an audiologist, and how audio helps us experience the emotion in a scene. If you’re curious what Foley is in a movie, we go there too. If after listening you want to keep digging into audio, Jeremy recommends a podcast called Twenty Thousand Hertz. It’s all about recording sound.

Since this is a show about audio I should mention one more thing: When you listen you’ll notice that it sounds like either I have a cold or I was phoning in the interview from a Jules Verne submersible cruising twenty-thousand leagues under the sea. 

It's only a cold.  But it does sound like I am in a submersible. 

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PS. Listen to Jeremy's sound work on Privacy Pod.  Here’s a link to Jeremy’s website.