The Pleasures of Blogging

Living the creative life

Wait, blogging? Isn’t that over with?

Actually, not. Blogging is alive and well, but it has entered a new phase. Blogging is a wonderful place to try out new ideas, while not worrying too much about typos and spelling because those decisions give you much-needed freedom. You can use a blog to develop a few half-baked ideas into almost-baked form, or polish up sections of the book or script you’re working on that you just have a hankering to see in print. 

When a blog grows up it can become an article, but the best blogs exist for the moment. Like the one you’re reading right now.

Speaking of the moment, let me take a moment to tell you what this post and Substack site is all about. I’ve been writing 500-word essays for years but it was only just recently that I discovered what they were for. Each one is a miniature pathway into creative storytelling, a quick shot of inspiration. As I build them out I see a lesson, a technique, a way to write that feels better. I hope you enjoy these little essays. You can subscribe for free (for now) and later on next year I will offer a paid subscription with creative prompts to help you develop your ideas into lasting stories, whatever you write or if you podcast. 

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