Preppers Making Sense


There are signs of Spring weather. People are walking around (many wearing masks). There is a hint of “normal” in the air, even through I know we will never go back to normal.

Here is a top of mind post that I am optimistically launching into the ether this Sunday morning.

Even just a few months ago, I might have looked askance at preppers. Especially the ultra-rich variety of preppers situated on the political fringe. But being a prepper might make a lot of sense right now. Thinking of this pandemic as a rehearsal for what will happen in the coming climate crisis easily brings me around to prepper thinking — and (believe it or not) in a positive way. Aspects of the prepper ethos, like having medicine around, having food on hand, being able to get food from local sources, cooking your own food, and self sufficiency, have morphed into an appealing Eagle Scout kind of mindset. “Be prepared.”

Photo by Drew Farwell on Unsplash