Evolving into 2019 with Audio

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If you’re new here, this is a personal newsletter about the creative process and storytelling. It has had its own creative process — thank you to my subscribers as you have evolved along with me over the years (years!) I have written this newsletter. The first 500 Words essays were published in 2009.

In past iterations I’ve kept 500 Words focused on the writing process. In 2019 I am planning on expanding — both the point of view and the media I use. I’ll keep exploring creative storytelling. I will add in some essays about podcasting and video. I’m also excited about using this platform as a delivery system for mini-podcasts. Look for a few test flights of podcasting here in the coming months.

This week’s 500 Words is about cultivating superpowers to see into other dimensions. It’s (of course!) based on a true story.

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