Apr 21, 2019 • 9M

Ep 03 - On a Call With Matthew Malach

Lee Schneider
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This is Episode 03 of On a Call With, a mini-podcast about creativity.

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On a Call With Animation Writer Matthew Malach

I’ve known Matthew Malach since we worked together in New York on an animation series called ThunderCats. We went on to write scripts together, many of them comedies, some for live action television, and others for animation, including an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that the story editor said was "the worst ever written." We both survived the experience.

Matthew has written many animation shows including The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, X-Men: The Animated Series, and Peter Pan and the Pirates. Matthew worked at E! Networks for more than a decade as a staff script editor. He is currently doing storyboard revisions for a new animation project and he is also an animatic editor at Nickelodeon. An animatic is kind of a movie made out of the storyboard. Matthew takes the storyboard panels and turns them into JPGs to make a flip book of the story. (I didn't know this; I had to ask Matthew what an animatic is.)

If you put your heart into [your writing] that's gold. If you can turn the simplest thing, the simplest job, into your gold then you can spread it around. That can be your best work. Everything can be your best work if you are present to it and if you are there during the act of creation. -- Matthew Malach

A reminder, this is a phone call, not a fancy podcast like the sort I usually produce. I added some touch tone effects at the beginning to remind everyone of this. Also, since digital phone calls just end with no sound of the phone hanging up, for this episode, I'm testing out a new ending. Let me know what you think of it!

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